is a California law practice dedicated to delivering practical and effective results to our clients in a timely manner.

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Our motto is “Our client’s come first”. Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve their goals. We listens to our clients, provide sound legal advice, and then vigorously pursue our client’s goals. At the Law Offices of Morris Nazarian, we are committed to putting our clients’ interest and goals first by make decisions in your best interests from a financial, emotional and social justice perspective.



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The Law Offices of Morris Nazarian is known for its aggressive and detailed approach to all matters. Morris Nazarian is an attorney with extensive experience handling labor issues and employment disputes. We strive ourselves with keeping up with the changing laws and understanding all the complexities involved in our practice areas. Our office has a wealth of knowledge and experience which we bring to each case no matter how small or large the case. Lacking the foresight to recognize and understand potential disputes can result in costly litigation and even cause you to lose your case.

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We are dedicated to providing the highest level of representation and service with as little financial stress as possible on our clients. We have tailored our law offices to offer you with the most cost effective rates possible-at the same time maintaining the high standards that we strive for. We offer a free phone consultation, and we will be happy to listen to you, answer your questions, and represent you if you choose to retain our firm. You can either call our office at (310) 277-2323 or email to:


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Most people find the legal process to be stressful and a financial burden, and that's why you need Morris Nazarian. We solve problems and make them go away.

We have experience representing clients across a wide spectrum of industries, but have particularly deep experience in helping employees obtain their unpaid wages, overtime, and other benefits to which they are entitled. We invite you to contact us to discuss any potential claim for overtime or unpaid wages you may have. We litigate claims throughout California.

We provide employment law & legal services in cities across Los Angeles Metro Area!

Services we offer:

  • Employment Law
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Employee Rights
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Sexual Discrimination
  • Race Discrimination
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All situations are unique and deserve one-on-one attention. Call us or stop by for a free consultation to discuss your specific case. Morris Nazarian , Attorney at Law